MRAM:The latest memory technology to beat the speed of RAM

A new type of memory for computers developed by German physicists and engineers will enhance the development of mobile computing and storage levels.
According to sources, that memory system works faster than the RAM is even more frugal energi.IBM and several other developers are planning to use MRAM, this MRAM will play the electrons to change the magnetic poles. This is also known as a spin-torque MRAM (swivel torque MRAM) technology is now being developed by the German physicist and engineer.
How it works is to build the pillars of the small size of 165 nano-meters, will result in the top layer of the magnetic variable will cause an electric current flows from the bottom up and will play the position of the electron. This magnetic field will change and just need a little time to change this magnetic field. Then north and south poles will switch, which would speed MRAM reach 10 times the speed of the RAM speed can still be further developed in the future.


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