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Peak Light Technology, USB 3.0 Port Router

Intel saw its new device called the Peak Light technology, which is used to connect many devices to remedy optic cable. This technology has the potential to be a substitute according to Intel’s USB 3.0, which means it will eliminate the need for regular use of the port is in a lot of gadgets nowadays. Peak Light Technology Intel has been published since last year, and according to a senior Intel, Kevin Kahn in the IDF in Beijing, Intel will manufacture this technology in late 2010 and expect a lot of partners that can help sales.

However, this trend trend optic cables are without electricity this can provide benefits that separate optic cable is also support for various protocols, such as for USB and Serial ATA, said Justin Rattner, head of Intel Labs. Peak Light can run multiple protocols at the same time and more than one line, so all the data for separate cables can be run on a single cable Peak Light. Intel explains, there is no conflict between the two technologies, namely Light Peak and USB. Intel saw the Light Peak is a complement of USB 3.0, because the Light Peak make USB and other protocols can run together in one long cable and high speed in the future, Kahn added.

According to Kahn, Light Peak can transfer data with 10Gbps speed or fast enough to send the Blu-ray movie in half a minute. Peak Light can be plugged in the laptop via a USB 3.0 port with an additional component to receive optical signals. According to Kahn, the USB 3.0 into a place fit for Light because it does not need anymore Peak Light Peak ports, especially for use in portable computers. While USB 3.0, a new version of USB is still slower than the rate of Peak Light 5Gbps signals, but faster than previous USB versions. (Heni Pratiwi


Linux mint 9 Isadora

None of the most meritorious than Clement Lefebvre has announced the next major version of Linux Mint operating system. Was called Isadora, Linux Mint 9 is available starting today and ready for download. Open source operating system is distributed both to the architecture 32-bit and 64-bit, like a Live CD or Live DVD (with Oracle’s Java 6, VLC media player,, F-Spot, Samba, wallpapers and extra fonts Dejavu).

The existence of Linux Mint 9 (Isadora), itself based on the latest release of the Ubuntu operating system 10:04 LTS (Lucid Lynx), and is supported by the Linux kernel same. Linux Mint 9 is equipped with more than 30,000 software packages repository, backup / restore the latest tools, Mint Menu has been repaired, the Windows installer, new artwork and lots of other good repair.

Linux Mint 9 This has an installer that has been modified and looks similar to the features possessed his colleagues Ubuntu 10.0. These operating systems include the latest features that spelled good. And one feature not found on the popular Ubuntu OS, is the welcome screen which is very helpful and instructive. The existence of a useful application and desktop improvements, such as Mozilla, Thunderbird 3 Pidgin or Open in Terminal script to Nautilus was also present in this release!

Linux Mint 9 (Isadora) was able to boot faster, with support for three years on the desktop and five years on the server (LTS release). In the presence of many good and beautiful wallpaper, some good themes GNOME and GNOME icon modest, would have made the operating system it will feel pleasant to the eye.

Literally, Linux Mint will still always be an operating system is elegant, easy to use, up-to-date, 100% free and the Linux operating system based on the popularity of the Ubuntu operating system. This operating system offers both a paid commercial support to companies and individuals. Ityu addition, of course, the existence of free community support available from the forum and IRC channel.

MRAM:The latest memory technology to beat the speed of RAM

A new type of memory for computers developed by German physicists and engineers will enhance the development of mobile computing and storage levels.
According to sources, that memory system works faster than the RAM is even more frugal energi.IBM and several other developers are planning to use MRAM, this MRAM will play the electrons to change the magnetic poles. This is also known as a spin-torque MRAM (swivel torque MRAM) technology is now being developed by the German physicist and engineer.
How it works is to build the pillars of the small size of 165 nano-meters, will result in the top layer of the magnetic variable will cause an electric current flows from the bottom up and will play the position of the electron. This magnetic field will change and just need a little time to change this magnetic field. Then north and south poles will switch, which would speed MRAM reach 10 times the speed of the RAM speed can still be further developed in the future.