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Dracula Therapy for Beauty

Technology Therapy Dracula who recently introduced can help you to overcome the problems of aging, look younger and have skin supple and beautiful. Dracula Therapy in this process is the doctor will take blood from your body, “filter”, then injected it back on your face. This therapy is also known as S3, short for Self Serum.hal stimulated this looks very simple (in the process of therapy)

S3 was first introduced by Daniel Sister, a French cosmetic doctor who opened the practice in London. Innovation that he created are believed able to restore youthfulness on someone’s face. The way he did was to take the patient’s blood, and then divided into red blood cells, serum, and platelets. After the added vitamins and amino acids, the serum is injected back to the face. According to Dr Sister, this action will make the patient more comfortable than synthetic fluids must receive injections in her face, or undergo laser peels are painful.

According to Dr Sister, this serum is rich in growth factors, proteins that can accelerate the natural healing and reverse the damage that occurs in the body. Such action is actually not the first time. All this time the serum therapy of this kind has been done by the dentist to cure the problems of the gums.

We will try this treatment, the doctor will take approximately four small bottles of blood from the patient’s arm. Blood then inserted into the centrifugal machine to separate the red blood cells. After a few moments, the little bottle out of the machine with a red blood clot on the bottom and a yellow liquid on top. Yellow liquid was separated, then mixed with vitamins and protein. The liquid is then injected on the whole face, starting from the section near the growing hair around the face to the jaw area, and other facial parts.

This action ended with lying under the red and blue lights therapeutic for wounds on the skin, once spent a bacteria, including bacteria that cause acne. This new injection will be seen the effect in a few days or weeks. Recommended for repeated treatment with the distance S3 is the next 4-6 months. Prices range from USD 7.9 million this therapy, which when compared with other beauty treatments are relatively cheap, but unfortunately the so-called Dracula Therapy treatment is currently only available in London.